The types of people that buy a phone under 10k

The best phones are not just flagship, sometimes the best phones for you are found under just on the budget. It doesn’t mean that budget friendly smartphone is cheaper doesn’t mean that people always put them as a second option.

There are a lot of people that buy the best phone under 10k and you will be surprised to know that reason why they buy these phones is not just because of the price, Here are these people:

The busy people: that does have time to fiddle with their phones, sometimes these people are even using outdated devices and even when we brand as a “dumb phone” because it’s very straight forward. These people as much as they want to don’t have the luxury of time to fiddle with a flagship device.

The people that live their life on the edge: and people that lived their life on the edge: these people are always in the best environment to break their phones. The swim, they climb, they do this survival stuff, do sky diving, surfing and are always away on some adventure. These people prefer a durable device that can easily break, has a good battery life, waterproof and dust proof. Most of them don’t spend too much money on flagships and would rather buy a GoPro or a drone.

The kids: their kids, but kids these days are smart and plus if you plan to have a tracking app installed on your kid’s device you do need a good smart phone for that. Smart kids need a smart phone; they are technologically inclined and would do everything they can to make a keep their grades up to get a smart phone.

The practical: half of the world’s population doesn’t believe that buying a flagship device is wise, the value depreciates fast over a short period of time and therefore it’s not worth their hard earned money. So the budget phones are a better value for the money and it doesn’t mean that it’s a budget friendly device that it specs aren’t good enough.

Saving: the very people that smart phone companies target, these are the market that these phones were made. If you’re saving, you can’t afford a flagship device right now but you really need to get a new phone, a budget friendly phone is perfect. It may not be a flagship device but it’s just about getting what you really need. If you’re a gamer you need a phone that has a fast processor and a higher RAM, is you’re a person that’s always online you need a smart phone that has a good battery, if you’re a selfie person or a person that likes to shoot using your phone’s camera you need a device with a good camera and a budget friendly smart device can provide those for you.

Most of the time you don’t really need a flagship device, most of the time you just need a budget friendly device. Because let’s face it not all features of the device we do use and need in our everyday lives. We don’t even use the other functions of it like smart gestures. Sometimes it’s just the hype and owning something new gets the best of us, it’s your money and no one would tell you it’s wrong. Most of the time people would tell you that it’s cool. If you have the money to buy a flagship and you really want to then buy one, it’s your right and if you don’t then don’t. At the end of the day, it’s still a matter of preference; it’s just that half of the people versus the other half doesn’t believe the hype.


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