Some Basic Things about Shisha That You Should Know

One thing that is trending these days among the youth are the use of hookah. Many young people all over the word are smoking hookahs. It is very common to see people posting pictures of them smoking a hookah in different social Medias available these days. These are also known by some other names such as Shisha, Narghile, Goza or Hubble bubble.  Shisha or Sheesha is tobacco with fruit scent in it. It is mostly smoked through a water pipe it requires some other things like some coal to heat it, some flavor which is to be added and also the pipes which ideally should be kept in deep freezers. All of these are available at the Shisha store. The flavored tobacco is heated and the smoke is made to pass through a rubber hose to the mouthpiece from where the user smokes.

Why and How to have Hookah?

The Hookahs are now considered a social experience where a group of people sit in a circle with the hookah at the center. Once the hookah is lit it is passed and shared among the group where very one takes a turn to smoke. It usually lasts for an hour or so and up to ten people can smoke a hookah at a time.

How health hazardous is smoking Shisha?

There is a common belief that smoking hookah is not bad for health. However that is not true. Like in the case of cigarettes smoking hookahs too delivers the drug which is very addictive in nature, nicotine.  Therefore it can be said that smoking shisha is as toxic as smoking cigarettes. Hence Smoking of shisha carries the same health risks as smoking cigarettes.

How popular is Shisha?

The popularity of the use of Shisha store all over the world has gone up the past few years. According to a recent study in 2014 the percentage of 12th grade students in the United States smoking shishas was 23% which had gone up by 6% in the year 2010. The study also showed that hookahs are slightly more popular among boys than the girls.

Where can you Buy Shisha?

Shishas are easily available at the local stores in the market. However, if one has to choose a cheaper option then one has to go for the online stores like BuzWay who sell shishas and all the other things related to it at a price which is much lower than the ones at the normal stores and the quality too is much better.

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