How to send the fax

In modern era, there are two ways to sending the fax either fax machine or online fax service. Fax machine is using many places like home, business, office, government sectors, hospitals and schools. If you have internet facilities, you can send and receive fax with computer or Pc. You can send the fax by using fax machine will be needed to be configured properly. Do you know? How do you fax? You can be sending the fax with an online fax service, fax machine, computer or mobile phones.

Many people are choosing online fax service to send and receive the fax. In fax machine, you should plug on the machine anytime, and then only you can get any important message or else you miss the important fax. Moreover, fax machine will consume more energy. If you already have the online fax service, then you know how do you fax? You should go and login to the account from the online fax service provider. You should select the document that you want to send and enter the fax number instead of giving recipient mail address and then click the send button. The fax machine will notify you whenever it is send or receive the fax. The important thing is fax machine it will send the notification when it is plugged.

Steps to get Gmail fax number

If you have internet facility on your phone or PC, then you can send and receive Gmail at anytime. But, you have to need Gmail account and online fax service number. Online service number is used to ahead all your incoming faxes to your mail and it will be allowed to sending and receiving faxes from our Personal Computer or mobile phones. The free fax number will be changed dynamically based on their location. You can also get Google fax number for tree limited time period. Here, we are providing simple steps to demonstrate about how to get the virtual fax number to send the fax by using Gmail account.

  • Go to any one of the online fax services.
  • You create the account for that online fax services and login to the account
  • Then, you have to fill the registration form and choose local or toll free fax number
  • You can link the fax number to obtain your Gmail account.
  • Login to the account and add as many addresses if you need,
  • They will provide the online fax number to you.


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